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    2017 Personal Pep Talk Guide

    Once in a while we all need a personal pep talk. Here’s mine. 2017 is alive and running and I’m excited to see what it may hold. As always I have a few projects on the go that I hope to share with you…

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    Reflective Journaling Course

    In advance of my upcoming journaling event in January at the Good Day Cafe, I’m offering a free online course for the month of December. Join me in a 4-part journaling series and explore “Reflection”. BONUS! This course is for everyone, and…

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    Operation Inspiration

    As part of my book launch I will be hiding copies around the city for your enjoyment. If you find a copy, share your thoughts at @elizabethlively, and #hervoice. Happy hunting – get inspired. xo – Elizabeth

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    I wrote a book, so can you!

    Well, I finally did it! I always said I would gather up my poetry and someday get it published. Now, in this awesome world of technology I was able to do just that. My book, my way. I self published…

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    lulu MOM

    When I became a mom for the first time it wasn’t long before I knew I was going to need a new pair of pants. My sister-in-law, whose got a great mombod suggested I try myself a pair of lululemon…

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    A Glass of Red Wine & A Laundry Basket – Self Publishing

    So I like to write. Poetry has always been my favourite. Over the last few years while juggling babies and work I leaned heavily on my own personal writing as a bit of therapy. Then one day I decided to gather up all…

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    The Sweet Truth

    a conversation overheard about Sweethearts after a visit to the candy shop Cash: “Mommy, what does this one say?” Me: “LOVE YOU” Cash: “What about this one?” Me: ” YOURE MINE” Cash: “And this one?” This goes on another 15 times…

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    Since I started this website a few months ago some wild things have happened. I became a beekeeper! Trust me, I’m still amazed by it too. And what a journey thus far. Not only has it been a complete shift…

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    SUPERMOM – “What’d you call me?”

    I wonder who it was, the woman who first coined the term, Supermom! What does that even really mean anyhow? I’m 3 kids in and still trying to figure it out. Most often I hear this term in conjunction with…

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