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I grew up in the spirited neighborhood of North End Dartmouth, NS. (Home to the wild ones some might say) Drawn to books, the stage, Saturday morning cartoons and popular American movies I discovered early on my fierce love for storytelling and entertainment.

My love of writing and photography would lead me into a career in film & television. Over the years I’ve worked with some amazing teams and some days miss those early morning call times. (you can check out my professional resume here)

Now, after becoming a mother to 3 amazing children my call time is a bit different. It’s still roughly the same time, but different and wonderful. My creative journey these days is taking some fun twists and turns. I’m coming out of the ‘rabbit hole’ and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I invite you to explore your beautiful, creative soul along with me. Get started with The Journey Box and stay connected online through WILD FIRE, a global women’s group focused on inspiring and supporting self-love and growth through creative practices. Join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/WildFireWomen/

Presently I reside in Fall River, NS with my husband and wild, young sons who inspire me to never truly, grow up.


I like snow. I like peanut butter. I like the sound of the ocean at night. I like take out. I like frills and polka dots. I like watches. I like boots and torn jeans. I like to laugh out loud really hard. I like to dream. I like to write. I’m a note taker. I like babies. I like music. I like books. I like cooking but I like eating more. I like traveling. I like tea. I like cake. I like sugar and spice and everything nice. I like toys. I like games. I like taking pictures. I like whoopee cushions. I like card houses. I like make up. I like movies. I like cats. I love telling stories. I like hearing stories. I like bees. I like honey. I like old cars and badass mobiles. I like adventure but I love home.

Liddy Notes

Creative notes from the house, the hive and the adventures in-between.  Join me for fun, honest accounts that will hopefully inspire and amuse. 

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